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August 2019 News

Whoopee!! The rivers are open again!!

The Closed Season has ended and the new River Season has started once more so you can now fish the rivers again.


If you have never fished rivers before, try fishing the Parrett this season. There's loads of fish along the whole length (about 7 miles if you include the SLAC waters) and you will have it all to yourself; you probably won't see another angler all day. It really can be peaceful fishing out in the countryside! Give it a go!!!

The river looks perfect!!

New 2019/20 Season Tickets

The new Season Tickets are now on sale from our outlets.

See the Membership page for details.

Fishing Platforms closed

The Environment Agency have informed us that the fishing platforms on Cocklemoor in Langport are considered to have deteriorated to a point where they are no longer safe for anglers.


They have taped them off to prevent them being used.


Please do not step onto either of the fishing platforms.


Langport Town Council, as part of their plans for developing the River Parrett as a useful amenity for Langport, are proposing to erect new fishing platforms further downstream from the current platforms (which will be removed to make way for a boating pontoon). This is due to be carried out this year.

Somerset Levels Angling Club (SLAC) Maps

I've put the maps of the SLAC waters on the Club Waters page.

Langport River Project

Langport Town Council want to develop the River Parrett as a tourist resource to bring more people into the town, through boating and improvements to the riverside, to generate more income for the town.


The slipway below Black Bridge has been restored by British Waterways volunteers, with further work planned to rebuild the lower end of it when the water level is low again, next winter.


The car park at Black Bridge is to be repaired.


A boardwalk between Black Bridge and Cocklemoor was planned to overcome the muddy conditions, at times, along the bank. However, the Environment Agency have vetoed this as they reserve the right to move heavy plant along the bank, when needed, which would smash through it. Alternative proposals are being considered.


There will also be information boards, benches, picnic tables and solar lighting, to name just a few things.


Pontoons will be floated at Cocklemoor, Black Bridge and Muchelney for boaters to use. These will be removed for maintenance and storage during the winter.


The Cocklemoor pontoon will be located where the two disabled platforms are. I've met the project coordinator on Cocklemoor and asked for the two replacement platforms to be located further down, level with the path from Stacey's Court car park. They will also be accessible from the main car park. This will hopefully be a slightly quieter area for disabled anglers to fish.


Funding of over £200,000 has been acquired and the work will be starting in the next few months. Completion is planned to be March 2020.

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