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August 2022 News

Keepnets at Combe Lake

During extremely hot weather spells resulting in low dissolved oxygen levels in the water, please leave your keepnet at home and just carefully return the fish to the water as soon as you've unhooked them.

New Season Tickets

The new Season Tickets are now on sale in the outlets.

New River  Season

The River Parrett (and all other rivers), after a three month closure, are now open once more.

Combe Lake Winter Closure

At the this year's AGM, it was proposed, discussed and agreed that Combe Lake will be closed from 1st November 2022 to 28th February 2023 inclusive to allow maintenance work to be carried out.

Match Organiser

There is currently a vacancy for a Match Organiser. If anyone is interested in organising matches on the River Parrett, please contact us.


An angler was caught recently fishing boilies at Combe Lake. They are not permitted in the lake. If you want to fish with boilies, find a lake somewhere else that allows their use. Please read and comply with all rules in the Season Ticket, otherwise you will be asked to leave the lake.

Combe Lake tree management

The tree surgeons were in for a few days in January to take down the dead willows on the east side of the lake. It is thought that the trees were killed by Honey Fungus. Some adjacent willows were also removed before the fungus spread to them.

The smaller foliage from the trees was chipped and spread on the path and bank.

Coronavirus Update

See the Angling Trust website for their latest statement about the easing of the lockdown and restrictions.

Disabled Fishing Platforms Update


Huish Bridge


The new replacement fishing platforms for disabled anglers have finally been completed. These have been provided by the River Project initiative organised by Langport Town Council.

The original platforms at the top of Cocklemoor were removed to make way for the boating pontoon.

The new platforms are now a little further down Cocklemoor, opposite Stacey's Court car park.

​In addition, there is also a new disabled anglers' fishing platform at Huish Bridge at the upstream end of Langport.


I know even able-bodied anglers will want to fish from these platforms, at times, but if a disabled angler arrives to fish, please vacate the platform for them without argument!

New Angling Trust Website!

The Angling Trust have created a new website with all sorts of videos and information to entertain us during the coronavirus lockdown.



If you have never fished rivers before, try fishing the Parrett this season. There's loads of fish along the whole length (about 7 miles if you include the SLAC waters) and you will have it all to yourself; you probably won't see another angler all day. It really can be peaceful fishing out in the countryside! Give it a go!!!

Somerset Levels Angling Club (SLAC) Maps

I've put the maps of the SLAC waters on the Club Waters page.

Langport River Project

Langport Town Council want to develop the River Parrett as a tourist resource to bring more people into the town, through boating and improvements to the riverside, to generate more income for the town.


The slipway below Black Bridge has been restored by British Waterways volunteers, with further work planned to rebuild the lower end of it when the water level is low again in the winter.


The car park at Black Bridge has now been refurbished and is much better to park on.


The path between Huish Bridge and Cocklemoor has also been refurbished with a gravel surface.


Information boards, benches, picnic tables and solar lighting, to name just a few things have been installed.


Pontoons have been installed at Cocklemoor, Black Bridge and Muchelney for boaters to use. These will be removed for maintenance and storage during the winter.


Funding of over £200,000 has been acquired. Completion was planned to be March 2020 but with the weather so far this year and the Covid-19 pandemic, the deadline was extended.

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