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August 2018 News

Maintenance work at Combe Lake

Work has been carried out by three members of our Committee, for the last couple of months, to reinforce the otter fence around the lake in a bid to keep the little blighter away from our fish!


During the winter, we lost a number of double-figure carp and large bream when the otter forced its way through the existing wire fence.


The work, which is currently over halfway round the lake, will continue for the forseeable future until complete.

This entails clearing the undergrowth from the existing fence and trimming or felling trees that would be likely to cause damage to it in the future.


There has been, and will continue to be, noise and disruption in the form of shouting (our three workmen aren't the quietest when working together!), chainsaws and strimmers, and much banging in of fence posts! This work takes place every Saturday morning.


We apologise to any members whose fishing has been affected by this work being carried out and to any members who choose to fish on Saturday mornings while the work continues.


This work is necessary to protect our fish and we are very grateful for the time and commitment our three committee members are putting into this work.


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