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Match Information

No calls to Fosters at any time.


Match Entry

Match entries by telephone only to Chris Sandford, Match Secretary.   (01458)259407(01458)259407

No entries accepted after 7.00pm on the Friday before the match.


Match Cancellation

If a match is likely to be cancelled due to adverse water conditions, contact Chris between 6.30pm and 7.00pm on the Friday before the match, or check on this website.



Draw Locations and Times

Club river matches, draw 8.30am at match venue.

Langport v Taunton and all Open matches, meet 7.30am for 8.30am draw in the Langport Arms Hotel.

Langport Christmas match, draw 8.30am in the Langport Arms Hotel.


Date                                   Fixture                                       Venue                                               Points


Sunday 25th June                 Senior Cup                                         Won by M.Hull                                         1st Points

Saturday 1st July                   McGroggan Shield, 1st Match       Won by V.Stuckey                                  2nd Points

Sunday 9th July                    McGroggan Shield, 2nd Match     Won by N.Easton                                    3rd Points

Sunday 16th July                  Langport v Stoke                              Won by N.Easton                                    4th Points

                                                 & McGroggan Shield, 3rd Match  
Sunday 23th July                 McGroggan Shield, 4th Match       Won by C.Sandford                                5th Points

Sunday 30th July                 Shropshire Shield                             Won by R.Bull                                         6th Points
                                                 & Committee Cup                            

Sunday 6th August              Jack Foster Trophy                          Won by R.Bull                                          7th Points

Sunday 20th August           Langport v Taunton                         Won by C.Davies                                      8th Points


Sunday 27th August            Dean Memorial Cup                        Won by A.Dunn                                        9th Points

Sunday 3rd September       Water booked for
                                                 Taunton Winter League

Sunday 10th September     Stoke v Langport                               Won by R.Newbury, Stoke AA

Sunday 24th September     Water booked for                              R.Parrett
Taunton Winter League

Sunday 15th October           Water booked for                              R.Parrett, Town sections
Frome Victorians


Sunday 22nd October        Jim Gaylard Memorial Cup             POSTPONED                                       10th Points

Sunday 5th November       Bert Bargery Cup                               R.Parrett, Town sections                    11th Points

                                                                                                               Draw 8.30am

Sunday 19th November     Water booked for                              R.Parrett, Town sections
                                                Pawlett Legion

Saturday 25th November  Water booked for                              R.Parrett, Town sections
                                                Heron Christmas Match


Saturday 9th December     Langport Christmas                         R.Parrett, Town sections

                                                & Memorial Cup Match                   or Viaduct Fisheries, Somerton

                                                                                                              Breakfast 7.30am, Draw 8.30am

Sunday 7th January           Taunton v Langport                          R.Tone, Fast Stretch

                                                                                                              Breakfast 7.30am, The Princess Royal Pub

(The location and time for each match draw will be advised by the Match Secretary on entry)

Your best seven results will count for your total
for the Points Trophy Competition.

The Allan Cup will be awarded for heaviest individual fish caught in any of the club matches.

The Head Cup will be awarded for the highest aggregate match weight for the season.


Sunday 20th August

Langport v Taunton

River Parrett, Town sections

Peg Name Weight Kg
31 D.Baldwin 1.310
32 L.Braunton 1.140
33 M.Hollister 1.090
34 A.Winters 1.450
35 N.Bartlett 7.400
39 J.Davies 0.750
40 Monkey D.N.W.
41 N.Easton 0.820
42 K.Williams D.N.W.
43 Butch 0.840
44 A.Gage 0.970
45 Billy 1.130
47 R.Bull 1.850
49 I.Burton 1.600
50 S.Gamble 1.650
51 C.Sandford 3.050
52 I.Brewer 1.000
53 C.Davies 8.950

Sunday 27th August

Dean Memorial Cup

King's Sedgemoor Drain, Parchey bridge

Peg Name Weight Kg
1 L.Braunton 5.150
2 M.Hosgood 6.580
3 R.Baker 2.200
4 J.Davies 4.350
5 N.Bartlett 7.900
6 S.Oxorle 5.300
7 R.Bull 10.330
8 S.Bishop 11.200
9 C.Sandford 10.750
10 C.Davies 6.150
11 M.Hollister 5.550
12 N.Easton 5.150
13 A.Winter 5.550
14 A.Dunn 38.100
15 A.Gage D.N.W.

Sunday 10th September

Stoke AA v Langport

River Parrett, Parrett Works, Martock

Peg Name Weight Kg
1 D.Goad 15oz
2 C.Sandford 13oz
4 M.Jeffries 1lb 4oz
5 D.Pope 1lb
7 D.Jolly 13oz
8 J.McNiven D.N.W.
9 C.Gaylard 1lb
10 J.Davies 11oz
11 C.Deady 7oz
13 D.Sims 1lb 7oz
15 C.Davies 3lb 9oz
17 R.Newbury 4lb 8oz
19 J.Simms 1lb 3oz

The four Langport anglers, who fished the match, caught a total of 5lb 14oz.

The top four Stoke anglers caught a total of 8lb 6oz.

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