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Club Waters

River Parrett

Our waters start at Huish Bridge and flow down through the Town, past the Bungalows and Cocklemoor. Try caster, maggot or hemp and tares for roach and caster or maggot for skimmer bream, perch and chub.

Tench and bream can also be found further down Cocklemoor, above the Pumping Station.

At the lower end of Cocklemoor, above and below the footbridge, chub will be found in the lilies and under the overhanging trees and bushes on the opposite bank. Maggot, worm or breadflake are worth trying for them.

Just below Bow Bridge, at the top end of the Stuckies section, roach, skimmer bream and chub are the main species. Maggot, caster or hemp and tares are the main baits used. Bread is worth considering as people feed the ducks from Bow Bridge. A chub of 6lb 2oz has been caught from here.

The remainder of the Stuckies section, down to the island, produces roach, perch and the odd larger bream. A waggler, fished shallow and tight across to the far bank, will often find small chub.

The waters below the sluice at the head of the River Sowey at Combe, extending down to the lock gates at Oath, produce roach, rudd, bream, chub, tench and carp throughout the season. There are also some large perch above the footbridge at Oath.

Combe Lake

The lake was created by the Club in the early Nineties as a mixed fishery. There are plenty of roach, perch, bream, tench, crucian carp and some common and mirror carp. It is located in pleasant, peaceful, surroundings and is intended to provide variety to pleasure anglers. Combe Lake can only be fished by Season Ticket Holders.

It is closed from 1st November and reopens on 1st March.

Somerset Levels Angling Club (SLAC) waters

Langport and District Angling Association are members of SLAC and so our club members and Day Ticket anglers are able to fish the SLAC sections.


These waters were formerly known as the 'Wessex Federation of Anglers' waters.

They consist of sections of the River Parrett and a couple of short sections of the River Brue at Highbridge.

These maps are not best quality but they are the only record the club has.

If you zoom in to a map, they may be a bit clearer.

The marked sections are the SLAC waters, although there are access problems in some areas, particularly where cottages have extended their gardens to the waters edge.


If you find access problems in addition to those identified, please email me with the details and I can update, accordingly.

On the south bank, SLAC water extends from the sluice at Monks Lease Clyce down to Duck Cottage and there is a section from the Footbridge at Oath down to the next cottage.

On the north bank, you can fish from the sluice at Monks Lease Clyce, down to the next gate.

All sections above Langport, as far as we know, are still accessible.

Currently, we don't what access is allowed to these drains.

This map shows the two short sections of the River Brue at Highbridge.

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