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The Angling Trust has put a useful website on the internet for finding river levels; one I use when planning a fishing trip on the river.


The web address is


Click on the 'Find A River Level' tab and enter 'Langport' in the search box.

This will show a map of river level measuring stations in the Langport area.

I find the 'Monks Lease Wq' at Combe and the 'Oath' at Oath Lock locations give meaningful levels for the river.

Beware the level at 'Westover' which is the river side of the Westover Pumping Station opposite Cocklemoor in Langport. When the river is low, this measuring station shows a smooth horizontal line which suggests the level sensor is probably above the current water level and so not showing the correct level.

I hope this site is of some use to you.


Sunday 5th November

Club member, Liam Padfield, caught this lovely perch weighing 3lb 1oz from just below Black Bridge (Huish Bridge).

Saturday 18th November

Club member, Jake Berkley, was lure fishing near the railway bridge when he hooked and landed this lovely 3lb perch.

Thursday 22nd February

Fran and I fished on the river for the first time this year! What with the wind and rain and resultant high river levels, we haven't fished since before Christmas!

Unfortunately, the dry weather started to turn very nasty with a bitterly cold easterly.

Fishing a few pegs down Stuckies, we both trotted a stick float, slowing it down and even holding hard, but after two hours we still hadn't had so much as a nipped maggot or pinkie.

We noticed fish topping opposite the first peg below the Town Bridge and close to the far bank. Then we saw a trail of bubbles, where they were topping, which was followed by a big swirl and splashing. A minute later an otter surfaced under the middle arch of the bridge and was visible for a minute or so till he sank under the water and continued hunting upstream.

No wonder we hadn't had a bite! So we packed up and went home!

If you're on Stuckies, keep your eyes open, you might see the otter!

Combe Lake open again.

The algae has now gone and the lake has settled down for the required four weeks after the application of Siltex calcium carbonate in November. So we have re-opened the lake.

Currently, the lake is very clear as the water is cold and today (Tuesday 19th December) there is a thin covering of ice over most of the lake.

Combe Lake


Please make sure you shut the gate securely in the otter fence when entering and leaving the lake.


If you are fishing Combe Lake, why not let me know what you caught; photos of your catch would also be appreciated. We'd love to know how it's fishing for our members. Email me.

Combe Lake combination padlock...

We have fitted a different combination padlock on the gate. The instructions for its use are on the gate, alongside the padlock.

Wednesday 15th November

After discussion with the Environment Agency, when they were monitoring our algae problem, it was thought we might have a problem with the silt in the lake being devoid of oxygen (anoxic). This could mean a lack of micro-organisms which are essential for the breakdown of the leaves and silt which results in a healthier water.

We had a contractor, Richard Bult of HBS Fisheries, Bridgwater, in to check the silt and, subsequently, he dosed Combe Lake with 1.5 tonnes of Siltex, a highly porous form of calcium carbonate (chalk). The particles penetrate the silt and the trapped air in them oxygenates it and stimulates the micro-organisms to breakdown and digest the silt.

Siltex is harmless to fish and plants. It can show a reduction in silt level. It also provides esssential calcium for plants and animals.

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